HUGE update (no seriously this one's a whopper)

So some months ago I was in the middle of an update when Multimedia Fusion 2 started crashing on me, and I lost about 90% of my game!! luckily in that time I was able to rebuild most of it, although I lost the bonus stage I had worked on.... perhaps it will return in some form in a future update (as I'm really proud of the music I came up with) but for the time being it's no longer in the game.

SO MUCH new in this update I don't know where to begin.... all the characters have names that appear over the lifebar now, a couple of new levels and characters to fight against (though the last boss I have programmed is still a work in progress, I may fix him in a future update) but the most important addition is XBOX 360 pad support!

Now this may have broken keyboard support, I think it still works if there's no controller detected, I'll look into that in the next update, I think.  I also may redo the music I had a great idea for something I could include but I don't have the saved files for the music so I'd have to redo them anyway.

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Feb 06, 2018

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